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Terra Felix Viognier 2009

Bronze: Royal Agricultural Show Queensland 2010 Class 2 Bronze: Victorian Wine Show 2010 Class 14 Bronze: Royal Agricultural Show Queensland 2011 Class 2 Bronze: Royal Agricultural Show Queensland 2011 Class 28 Bronze: Royal Agricultural Show Queensland 2012 Class 2 Bronze: Boutique Wine Show 2012 Class 8

This is the third vintage we have made. After nearly having all our grapes destroyed by frost and drought in 2008 we crushed nearly 15 Tonnes of Viognier in 2009. The grapes ripened slowly and were picked in late March.

Winemaker’s notes:

Region: Nagambie, Central Victoria.
Alcohol: 14.0%
No fining, no allergens.
Preservatives: 220 (sulphur dioxide)

Tasting notes:

Lovely scents of the traditional Viognier aromas of rich apricot and peach but also hints of lime lift the nose. The palate has a textural feel in the mouth which is quite characteristic for Viognier. The palate flavours are also classic for the variety extending the apricot aromas into a complex array of fruit in the mouth. It is a fruit driven wine, yet still has length and a lingering finish.

Further winemaker ramblings:

Viognier is from the aromatic family of grapes and sometimes the aromas can overpower the wine. The 2009 vintage provided grapes packed with traditional varietal flavours but for this year also included lime which is more often associated with Riesling. It is unclear why that is other than seasonal conditions but the unexpected is just one of the delights of wine.

In 2008 the season dictated that I intervene more than normal in the winemaking process adding grape solids and yeast stirring to the array of winemaking options. This resulted in a very interesting yet somewhat radical 'funky' Viognier. Not so in 2009, the grape flavours sat up and said 'please preserve me in the wine' and that is exactly what I have attempted to do. Winemaking intervention was only done in the interests of fruit preservation and no attempt was made to introduce secondary winemaking derived flavours. In 2008 without the intervention the flavours may have been too much. So the action was done to temper the wine. 2009 is all about fruit expression on its own.

I like both the 2008 and 2009 wines very much for different reasons. I anticipate that the 2009 will stand the test of time as a classic expression of the variety.